Sharepoint Consulting and Sharepoint Development, Sydney

Does your organisation use Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook?

If so you may be familiar with some of the common challenges that arise from working in teams - multiple versions of the same document, disorganised network drives, and large volumes of project-related emails.

Sharepoint is Microsoft's answer for the challenges that arise from collaborating, managing, approving and publishing content and information in your business.


We can help you use Sharepoint to solve common business challenges, and help your team work together more effectively and efficiently.

Document Management

Get organised, allow team members to edit documents in real time, quickly find what you're looking for with Search.

Sharepoint Websites

Author, approve and publish content to internal or external staff, or publish to your public website.

Shared Intranets

Create a secure and centralised launch pad and communications hub for your team.

Systems Integration

Pull and push data between key business systems and surface mission critical information using Sharepoint.

Team Spaces

Collaborate on project documents and tasks, keep project teams informed and up-to-date, reduce email volumes.

Sharepoint Online

Get up and running in a quick and cost-effective way using Sharepoint Online. Nothing to install, no server to maintain.

We have successfully helped a number of companies to improve the way they manage and publish content using Sharepoint.

Here are some of our more recent Sharepoint Case Studies.

Sharepoint Intranet

Commonwealth Bank

CBA were completing a move to the new Commonwealth Bank Place in Sydney. As part of the move, CBA was also transitioning to activity-based working.

As part of the move, the Change Management team had to engage, assist and collaborate with every department in CBA to prepare for the shift.

To support the Change Management team, Intelligent Developments created a custom Sharepoint Team Site which allowed project stakeholders to collaborate on project documents and stay up-to-date on progress.

Features included latest news, project management and project status updates, and document management for related project documents.


Change Management


Policies and Procedures


Sharepoint Document Management

Cape Cod Australia

Cape Cod is Australias leading household renovations company. As part of their operations and governance, Cape Cod needed a way to centrally edit, update and approve changes to Policies and Procedures, before publishing changes to relevant groups of staff.

Intelligent Developments configured a Sharepoint Intranet with document management capabilities for Cape Cod.

The Intranet allows Cape Cod to update Policies and Procedures documents centrally, and uses Worflows to have documents reviewed and approved by management, before publishing changes and notifying relevant users of changes.

Sharepoint Development

Harris Farm Markets

Harris Farm Markets purchase fresh produce daily and dispatch to their network of stores.

To keep produce fresh, Harris Farm has a number of systems and processes in place ensure produce is received, split and dispatched to store quickly and efficiently.

Intelligent Developments was able to aggregate information from purchasing and inventory systems with produce information from the markets, and publish relevant information out to stores on their extranet.

Buyers are able to update stores on which produce is in season directly from the market floor, and stores can specify which produce they need delivered on the first truck.


Business Systems Integration