From a basic e-commerce store to a full-featured, advanced online e-commerce platform.

If a normal e-commerce platform won't fit your needs, we can build a custom application from scratch. Where you have a high-volume site or specific transactional processing and workflow needs, we can tailor a solution to map your exact requirements.

We can integrate with your inventory or payment systems, or connect to 3rd party shipping and fulfillment systems, and we can help integrate and streamline your ability to deliver.

Integrated Store

SOL Republic Australia

Sol Republic is a manufacturer of premium audio products. Their products are the equipment of choice for many musicians and DJs.

Intelligent Developments built a custom e-commerce store that integrates with their proprietary inventory, order management and fulfilment systems.

The site features a beautiful responsive user interface, optimised category and product pages, and integrated Australia/NZ stores.

E-Commerce Store

Red Dirt Diesel

Red Dirt Diesel are specialists in performance tuning for diesel-engined cars. RDD has products available for thousands of vehicles, with different year, make, model and engine configurations.

Intelligent Developments creates a e-commerce store to present product information online and to help customers easily navigate to find the right performance chip for their vehicle.